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Buyer's PerXX

Cozy Living Room with Fireplace

HomePerXX is dedicated to delivering a top-notch real estate journey and substantial monetary rewards to our valued customers who are associated with our joint venture partners and are looking to a home through our program. We strive to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience, empowering our clients to confidently navigate the real estate market with our

expert guidance and support. 

What We

$1,000 Closing Costs

Up to $1,000 towards closing costs credit from Home PerXX real estate agent. Paid out at closing.

*Some restrictions may apply

Free Home Warranty

Up to and not to exceed $500.00 towards a Home Warranty of the buyer’s choice

Free Home Appraisal

Free Appraisal (Reimbursment) from participating lender.

*Some restrictions may apply

$1,500 Credit

Up to $1,500 credit from participating lender.

*Some restrictions may apply

Free Termite Inspection

We will pay and provided for the termite inspection report only.

Discount Home Inspection

20% off Home Inspection service fee when using our preferred HomePerxx affiliate.

Start You Home Owner Journey

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