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What to Expect

One real estate transaction is comprised of more than just your realtor. There are many different players such as appraisers, home inspectors, contractors, mortgage bankers and loan officers, government agencies and more but we cannot forget about our buyers and sellers.


The one person who is the glue to every transaction, coordinating and holding it all together is your real estate agent. A great real estate agent mimics a pilot in your transaction; 

ensuring everyone lands safely with as little

little tubulence and disruption as possible

Seller's Expectation's

Your agent will have the most current and up to date market knowledge in your area; informing you of the local market trends impacting your home’s pricing and

forecasting its potential equity.


Your agent will have a vast network of contacts such as other real estate professionals, potential buyers and sellers, appraisers, home inspectors, mortgage lenders, contractors, handymen; just to name a few.


Our agents are also well-versed in the local real estate market, which gives them a unique advantage when it comes to buying or selling a property in a specific area. They have a deep understanding of the local market conditions, including supply and demand, pricing trends, and the availability of properties. 

Buyer's Expectation's

Your agent will have knowledge of the existing interest rates and property taxes that can potentially impact your monthly mortgage payment.


Transaction Management

Your agent will pay close attention to the details of your individual

needs ensuring a seamless and efficient real estate experience.

Hustle and Tenacity

Your agent won’t stop until it’s done. He or she will have great work ethic, with honesty and integrity. Your agent will work hard and smart, putting in the time and effort to bring your transaction to a stress free close.

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