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We stand ready to fiercely advocate for our brave first responders, ensuring they receive the best possible outcomes when buying or selling a home. With our dedicated team by their side, firefighters and police officers can trust us to navigate the complexities of the real estate market and negotiate on their behalf.



Welcome to HERO PERXX, where we proudly extend the benefits of Homeperxx to our everyday Heroes. We recognize and appreciate the sacrifices made by our Police officers and fire fighters, who serve as our everyday heroes.


At HERO PERXX, we offer the same range of benefits and services listed on Homeperxx to our dedicated Heroes. From exclusive discounts and special offers to personalized assistance and support, we aim to make their lives easier and reward their service.


Join us as we express our gratitude and show our support for our Police officers and fire fighters. Discover the perks and privileges that HERO PERXX has in store for our everyday heroes. Together, let's make their journey a little smoother and brighter.

Your protection and success are at the heart of our mission.


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